(dates are the approximate year of first known work ]

  • widely regarded as the first animator Combined drawing (using a light box), live action, cutouts and found objects and film.
    • Fantasmagoria
  • First Abstract animations
    • Studied Music and painting, considered cinema to be the future, experimented with painting on glass, and paper cutouts.
    • Lichtspiel Opus 1
  • Worked on special effects for films in germany. First MTV style music video for Electrola Disk #1337, Vaya Veronika.
  • More strictly a abstract film maker than animator, but employed the “cameraless film making” technique of painting directly (using stencils and prints) on the film stock.
  • Initially worked closely with musician Joseph Schillinger. She used light and reflectioms of common objects as well as drawing. Her films were the first experimental animations widely shown - and played to millions in cinemas in the US.
  • Hollywood cameraman turned animator.
    • Used ocilloscopes to generate patterns for animation.
  • Pioneer of computer graphics.
    • Experimented with dance, projection and holographic diplays.
  • Worked on early computer animations of the Voyager space craft orbiting Jupiter and Saturn in the 70's.
  • Began building kinetic scultures, moved into computer animation/programming and contributed to the scientific fields of visual and colour perception.
    • First computer animator to be in the MOMA.
    • Resident artist and consultant at Bell Laboratories.

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