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Fishing aids in case you get peckish after being shipwrecked.

seaview-underwaterviewer.jpg Portable-digital-fish-sonar.jpg Solar_Still-distils-from-seawater.jpg

  • 'Seaview', inflatable under water viewer >
  • Portable 'Digital Fish Sonar', reads 3' to 199' feet with 1.25“ inch accuracy visual and audible fish alarm >
  • 'Ocean Safety' solar still distills drinking water from seawater on solar power >

Some life-raft essentials.

Liferaft_reparation_kit_.jpg Liferaft_Survival_Manual.jpg

  • Life-raft reparation kit >
  • Life-raft survival manual >

The Rafts.

life-raft-container.jpg SeaGo_Offshore_Liferaft_4-p.jpg Viking-dkr-liferaft-101-p.jpg

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