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   * https://castingwords.com/   * https://castingwords.com/
 +user report
 +  * For the transcription of Bart's interview for Open House, speechpad.com was chosen as transcription company.
 +  * I created a user account and then started uploading the audio interview.
 +  * Make sure your audio file is in a convenient format (aiff, wav, mp3). 
 +  * You can strip the video by using vlc or quicktime, as it takes less time to upload/convert an audio file than a video file.
 +  * If the file is uploaded and it keeps the status 'converting' for too long on the speechpad.com site, contact the company through their chat interface or write them a mail. They usually respond quite quickly. This way you remind them to check the status of your file and to make sure that everything is OK. 
 +  * Sometimes files need to be converted manually after they have been uploaded.
 +  * If all technical issues have been solved and your file is uploaded, you can place your order and pay by credit card. 
 +  * If you take the option of transcribing something within a week, you pay 1$ per minute. If you want it on a shorter notice, it is 2$ per minute.
 +  * You can always check the status of your file online, and see how the transcription has advanced.
 +  * The file transcription was done in 5 days. There are small irregularities or words not understood, but in general this service is worth the time vs money calculation
 +==== entire interview transcription ====
 +  * [[interview bartaku open house]]
 +  * {{:bartvandeput.mp3}}
 +==== and another... ====
 +  * [[exploring_and_designing_our_future_robot_companions]] via speechpad
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