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crowdsourced audio transcription

various tests of crowdsourcing audio transcription

For the transcription of Bart's interview for Open House, was chosen as transcription company. I created a user account and then started uploading the audio interview. Make sure your audio file is in a convient format (aiff, wav, mp3). You can strip the video by using vlc or quicktime, as it takes less time to upload/convert an audio file than a video file. If the file is uploaded and it keeps the status 'converting' for too long on the site, contact the company through their chat interface or write them a mail. They usually respond quite fastly. This way you remind them to check the status of your file and to make sure that everything is OK. Sometimes files need to be converted manually after they have been uploaded. If all technical issues have been solved and your file is uploaded, you can place your order and pay by credit card. If you take the option of transcribing something within a week, you pay 1$ per minute. If you want it on a shorter notice, it is 2$ per minute. You can always check the status of your file online, and see how the transcription has advanced.


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