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ISEA 2012 Workshop: Mapping with balloons and kites

(lecture notes from isea2012) by danny bazo and bruno vianna.
Lucas Bambozzi is head of FesAtivall in Brazil. He told about flying priest from Brazil, who left on a balloon. Bruno Vianna did a project in kites in the night, where kids were aiming texts on the kites with a projector.


  • Spray soap-water on the seems of the Mylar inflatable, to find a leak.
  • Helium lift: 1 gr of lift for 1 litre helium.
  • In hot climate conditions, a black trash-bin material can be used to lift; the black material heats the air inside.
  • A sphere is the most economical structure for lift.
  • A sled-kite is good stable kite for lifting a camera.
  • With a camera; fix the on-button with tape.
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