(lecture notes from isea2012)

  • For most conversations on education we bypass the way the brain works.
  • Hard wired learning can be an obstacle to new learning. Shown by a hands-on experiment writing and drawing in mirror.
  • When growing the brain separates and the other half becomes the skin, thats why touch is so deeply wired.
  • Humunculi of the motor-cortex and visual-cortex show the dominance of the hands for learning.
  • Babies learn by touching everything.
  • After the corpus-collosum is mature, the brain can learn fractions, morality, etc. So don't try to teach them before then..
  • Drawing does for the brain during the day, what dreaming does during the night.
  • To develop images in the minds eye, develop this skill by drawing in the air of by using touch only (hands in box, maths)
  • Brain sight box, doing 3+2= by touching objects in a box.
  • Drawing by touch gives much more accurate results than by sight (for relative novice drawers) We do the experiment during the workshop.
  • By touch abstract concepts can be learned straight to the brain, not passed the visual system.
  • The illiterates of the future are not those who cannot read or write, but those who cannot learn, un-learn, re-learn.

Ken applies many wonderful hands-on experiments in his lectures and workshops and you work with your neighbour in the audience. So he practices what he preaches. This makes it accessible to all ages too.

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