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 +==== Closed-captioned Sounds From Twin Peaks: The Return (Part 8) ====
 +revolver clicks
 +gunshots echo
 +ominous atmospheric music
 +ominous atmospheric music builds
 +distorted moaning
 +distorted moaning intensifies
 +ominous whooshing
 +discordant instrumentation
 +atmospheric wind
 +intense atmospheric whooshing
 +explosions booming
 +explosions rumbling
 +static sputtering
 +warbling static sputtering
 +brooding atmospheric music
 +static sputtering continues
 +electrical scratching
 +otherworldly exhaling
 +intense discordant music
 +atmospheric rumbling
 +wind whooshing
 +atmospheric whooshing
 +ambient vintage music playing over gramophone
 +distant music
 +alarming metallic clanking
 +footsteps oddly reverberating
 +eerie atmospheric music
 +ominous atmospheric music
 +serene atmospheric music
 +atmospheric hum
 +atmospheric wind
 +crinkling, squishing
 +crickets chirping
 +engine revving
 +ominous scratching noise
 +distorted wail
 +distorted scream
 +blood dripping
 +soft groaning
 +radio static humming
 +radio static crackling softly
 +distant rumbling
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