perfect egg yolks

“Maybe I have a hangup on soft boiled eggs, but I’m deeply fascinated by how something simple as an egg can be transformed into such a wide range of textures. I’m talking about pure eggs – no other ingredients added. Playing around with temperature and time can result in some very interesting yolk textures – yolks that are neither soft nor hard, but somewhere inbetween.” –Martin Lersch


Proteins Denaturation temperature (°C)
From the egg white
Ovotransferrine 61
Ovomucoïde 70
Lysozyme 75
Ovalbumine 84,5
Globuline 92,5
From the yolk
LDL 70
HDL 72
Alpha livetine 70
Beta livetine 80
Gamma livetine 62
Phosvitine > 140
Yolk 65-70 (because of LDL)

(Table 3. in “Molecular gastronomy: a scientific look to cooking”, Hervé This)

see also “Culinary Biophysics: on the Nature of the 6X°C Egg”, César Vega, Ruben Mercadé-Prieto, 10.1007/s11483-010-9200-1 (paywalled online)


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