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 +=== How to structure a handout ===
 +  * how to provide sufficient detail while being open to participants finding their own ways of doing things. 
 +  * how to structure the booklet so it can be used in an agile way during CSAW while it also offers broader learning tools and resource
 +  * easily distinguish the different types of material  such as programme (esp. schedule), references and methods
 +  * finding a suitable level of description that is clear and informative.
 +  * how to make a distinction between instructions/directives and suggestions? e.g. instructions that must be known or followed for a specific session / optional methods, or suggestions for working together (when you introduce a tool, indicate if the tool is necessary,  or is if it is a reference, suggestion or something that might be useful if the group can't find a better way?)
 +=== Suggested structure ===
 +One page schedule/overview on the inside of the cover or the first page, easy to see 'where' and 'when' things are happening at a glance, who is responsible and how to contact them.
 +  * Part I: big picture: purpose, principles, values, theme, questions, 
 +  * Part 2: programme, timeline, breakdown per day and per session using a concise and consistent format (e.g. {{https://neon.f0.am/s/3TWXDcgL6sEkxte|see this mock-up based on Christopher Alexander's Pattern Language}}
 +  * Part 3: learning materials: content tools and concepts, tools to help with your teamwork, and any other tools that can be used throughout the week rather than for a specific session. 
 +  * Part 4: stay engaged: how to continue the relationship, contact details, etc. 
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