• p4 2.4ghz, 800mhz fsb
  • 2x 512mb ddr 333 ram
  • 120gb ibm u-100 ide hd
  • nec dvd+/-r


  • set something in bios to enable usb keyboard.
  • install debian
  • config + opulate
hardware numbers drivers / etc+
chipsets Intel 865G / ICH5x
VGA Intel Extreme Graphic 2 vesa
Audio Realtek ALC650 (six channel) alsa / via8233 (?)
Ethernet Realtek 8100B
firewire (1394) VIA VT6307
  • Intel I865G video driver (i810 doesnt work / vga or vesa works)
  • mouse button emulation, ..

cdrecord / gcombust

still not really working. ,.

  • current kernel: 2.6.0-test2 (from unstable)
  • options reqd.

making a linux based PVR with a SB51G

other Debian Notes