some workshop notes from the .x-med-k. atelier (supported by the VAF) and the TRG project (supported by the EC Culture 2000 and the Flemish Ministry of Culture)

  • arrivals: 16 July 2004, from 5PM
  • introduction: 17 July 2004
  • tutorial 18 July 2004 - 23 July 2004
  • installation on site 23-24 July 2004
  • departure: 24 (evening)/25 July 2004
  • Pablo Diartinez
  • Marta Guzman
  • Tom Heene
  • Sara Nuytemans
  • Eric Parys
  • Alen Breznik (Flip)
  • Lina Kusaite (1/2 time)

cancellation due to unexpected circumstances: Maru Ituarte, Eric Vernhes, Steven Pickles

MR media worlds is a workshop organised with the aim to understand the process of making responsive media worlds that can change their behaviour based on the input from the physical world. The workshop is a combination of information exchange, artistic presentations and screenings, free-form design sessions and concentrated tutorials. During an intensive 7 day session, the participants will work in an interdisciplinary team to design one or more media worlds using the site in Halloy both as the source of inspiration and the reality in which the media will be 'mixed'.

  • basic acquaintance with open source media tools:
    • audacity (audio editing)
    • gimp (still image manipulation, 2d animation)
    • blender (3d graphics, 3d animation, video editing)
    • nebula (gaming engine)
    • pure data (RT visual programming environment for audio, video and graphics)
  • concept and design for MR media worlds
  • working in a collaborative setting
  • comparing open source tools with already known proprietary software (such as Max/MSP and Jitter, Final Cut, After Effects, Maya etc.)
  • simple prototypes of responsive site-specific media worlds
  • documentation of the process and results
  • software and media repository for each participant
  • by train: direct train from Brussels to Ciney, that takes about 1hrs20 and costs approximately 20EUR. When you arrive in Ciney, you can take a taxi to Chateau de Halloy (its about 2.5 km from the station).
  • Chambre verte Etang : 4 lits simples (eric p., tom, pablo)
  • Chambre bleue Etang : 2 lits simples (eric v., maru)
  • Chambre rose Etang : 2 lits simples (pix, alek)
  • Salon Etang : 1 lit double (julian, marta)
  • Chambre bleue Omalius : 3 lits simples (sara, lina, annemie)
  • Chambre rose Omalius : un lit doub1e (nik, maja)

All rooms have a private bathroom, bedding and towels, but just in case this wintery weather continues, you might want to take an extra sleeping bag

  • 8 workstations (6 mac & 2 linux)
  • 1 video camera
  • 1-2 projectors
  • 2 small sound systems
  • 2 cerf boards (wearable computers) with 1-2 sensors per unit (accelerometers)
  • 2 webcams
  • 1-2 gamepads
  • wired and wireless internet connection
  • fabrics, plastics, ropes… for physical displays
  • 3 vegetarian meals cooked on site (let us know of any dietary requirements), starting with dinner on 16-07 and ending with breakfast on the 25-07)
  • non alcoholic drinks
  • basic first aid kit
  • documentation of their previous work (in any format appropriate to present the work)
  • any media, information, materials or tools they wish to work with, in addition to what FoAM will provide
  • any 'inspiring' materials that can be screened/shown/read in the evenings
  • winter + summer + waterproof clothing
  • optional alcoholic drinks and carnivorous foods
  • whatever else you need to feel creative and comfortable!

Friday 16 July 2004: arrival

  • with an informal dinner and a short presentation of FoAM and the workshop leaders

Saturday 17 July 2004: workshop introduction

  • detailed explanation of the workshop and its aims
  • presentations of participants' previous work
  • discussion about participants' expectations, ideas, wishes for the workshop
  • discovering the site; its past, present and future
  • mapping the site with image, sound, video
  • video screening

Sunday 18-07-2004: design and technology

  • concept and design sessions based on the experiences from the previous day
  • introduction to MR media tools
  • video screening

Monday-Thursday 19/22 July 2004

  • brief discussion about the experiences and designs of the previous day
  • tutorial MR media tools
  • hands-on sessions;
    • working with input from the physical world through sensors, gamepads, microphones and cameras,
    • making the media worlds (graphics, still and moving textures, soundscapes)
    • designing for site-specific output
  • optional visits to nearby sites
  • video screenings

Friday 23 July 2004

  • closing session tutorial MR media tools
  • brief discussion about the experiences and designs of the previous day
  • building a site-specific prototype (using wearable, portable or embedded interfaces)
  • integrating media worlds with physical interfaces and structures

Saturday 24 July 2004

  • finalising the prototypes and documentation of tests and experiments
  • evaluation of the process and its outcomes
  • departure

Sunday 25 July 2004

  • departure
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