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 +==== Digital signatures in Belgium ====
 +It's possible to sign documents digitally using the [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belgian_national_identity_card|Belgian National Identity Card]]. The official recommendation is “Use Adobe Acrobat on Windows or Mac” however you can sign documents without using proprietary software…
 +Assuming you have the card, card reader and eID software setup...
 +  * insert eID card into card reader
 +  * open **Firefox** and go to ''about:preferences#privacy''((It isn’t always necessary to unlock the card from Firefox but can help if LibreOffice doesn’t see the certificates.))
 +    * click “Security Devices” 
 +    * in “Device Manager” select “Generic Smart Card Reader interface” (you should see your card info)
 +    * click  “Login” then enter the PIN for your eID card
 +  * open **LibreOffice**
 +    * in the “File” menu select “Digital Signatures” and then “Sign Existing PDF" and chose the file to sign
 +    * the opened file should have a header containing two buttons “Edit Document” and “Sign Document” 
 +    * click on “Sign Document” (and the next “Sign Document” button than appears...)
 +    * a pop-up will ask for a password, you will need to enter the PIN for your eID card
 +    * a “Select Certificate” dialog box should appear.
 +    * choose the key with your name and “(Authentication)” 
 +    * click “Sign Document” and then “Sign” 
 +    * the “Digital Signatures” dialog should be updated to show that your signature has been added.
 +    * click  “Close”
 +    * you should then see the document window updated to include signatures
 +  * the PDF should now include your digital signature
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