Mission by Alchemilla 'Lily' Umiliata

  • find out about rituals and celebrations marking the change of seasons – start with local traditions, then research other practices and/or invent your own rituals
  • design a framework for all aspects of the experience: place, time, duration, flow, group and individual experiences, food and drink, atmosphere (colours, scents, forms, costumes, props…) and if appropriate a ceremonial ritual (this can be as formal or informal as needed)
  • invite people to join the ritual; provide the invitees with clear instructions if required
  • prepare the ritual on your own, or ask for assistance
  • conduct the ritual and enjoy yourself
  • Estimated duration: research: from a few hours to a few years; preparation: from a few hours to a few months; ritual: from a few hours to a few days
  • Estimated number of participants: at least one, but more than one is recommended
  • Vegetal mindfulness: nasturtium