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Electric shoes:

Dr. Joseph A. Paradiso Associate Professor Sony Career Development Professor of Media Arts and Sciences Co-Director, Things That Think Consortium Director of the Responsive Environments Group Email:

Nathan Shenck 1111 Poplar Ave Annapolis, MD 21401 Voice: 410.295.5034 Mobile: 410.279.7005 mailto: LT Nathan Shenck, USN Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering U. S. Naval Academy 105 Maryland Ave Annapolis, MD 21402-5025 Voice: 410.293.6162 Fax: 410.293.3493 mailto:

Solar fan on ebay:

Solar panels online:

An institute in Germany that deals specifically with a development of solar cells. They have solar cell films

Dabbrook Power Systems Address: Unit 23 Bells Marsh Rd Gorleston Great Yarmouth Norfolk NR31 6PT United Kingdom Telephone, fax and web Tel: (01493) 441711 Fax: (01493) 440322

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