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 ==== dust & shadow - field trip #1 ==== ==== dust & shadow - field trip #1 ====
 +May/June 02017 by FoAM.Earth
-... dust trails / transit / May 02017 by FoAM.Earth+Guests: Nik Gaffney and Maja Kuzmanovic (FoAM)\\ 
 +Hosts: Ron Broglio, Adam Nocek, Stacey Moran, Sha Xin Wei (ASU)\\
-<blockquote>We arrived in the Sonoran desert. A place of desiccated time, layered time, geological, vegetal, human time. Time kneads the Earth’crust into deep folds, cracks and canyonsPlants lay dormant through cycles of drought or grow slowly for centuries, bursting into blossom after the first rains. Humans come and go. Blown through the ages like tumbleweeds. Things don’t really decay here. They shrivel, dry up or slowly rust, yet remain present, as they gradually erode into dust. A thick, dusty atmosphere of things that were, things that are and things that might be. Densities and intensities coagulating on a larger than human scale, illuminated by stark light or lurking in the deep shadow. </blockquote>+Read about this trip in FoAM'[[https://medium.com/@foam/dust-and-shadow-field-notes-1-48e94d02540b|Dust and Shadow: FieldNotes #1]] on Medium\\
-Read more in FoAM's [[https://medium.com/@foam/dust-and-shadow-field-notes-1-48e94d02540b|Dust and Shadow: FieldNotes #1]] on Medium\\+----
-{{>http://www.flickr.com/photos/zzkt/25435689083/}}\\+{{ ::notes.jpg |}}
 Itinerary: Itinerary:
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   * [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salton_Sea|Salton sea]] (and its yacht club)   * [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salton_Sea|Salton sea]] (and its yacht club)
 +{{>http://www.flickr.com/photos/foam/34852715462/ ?maxwidth=1000}}\\
-Ron Broglio's {{ ::list_1.pdf |List 1}} and {{ ::cairns_and_animism_thoughts.pdf |Thoughts on Cairns and Animism}} +----
- +
-{{ ::notes.jpg |}}+
 //Planned but not visited:// //Planned but not visited://
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   * Anasazi Archeology)   * Anasazi Archeology)
 +{{>http://www.flickr.com/photos/foam/34978034266 ?maxwidth=1000}}\\ 
 Memorable foods: Memorable foods:
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