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 ==== Attunement and the inframince ==== ==== Attunement and the inframince ====
-Excerpts from //"Attunement and the inframince"// by **Edith Doove**+Excerpts from //"{{ :dust_and_shadow:doove_attunement.pdf |Attunement and the Inframince}}"// by **Edith Doove**
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-{{>http://www.flickr.com/photos/foam/24674386258 ?maxwidth=1000}}\\ +{{ :dust_and_shadow:ds-reader2-19.jpg |}}
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-<blockquote> +
-The intensities of the ordinary +
-There’s a politics to being/feeling connected (or not), to impacts that are shared (or not), to energies spent worrying or scheming (or not), to affective contagion, and to all the forms of attunement and attachment. There’s a politics to ways of watching and waiting for something to happen and to forms of agency—to how the mirage of a straightforward exercise of will is a flag waved in one situation and a vicious, self-defeating deflation in another (...) There’s a politics to difference in itself—the difference of danger, the difference of habit and dull routine, the difference of everything that matters. +
-<cite>Kathleen Stewart, Ordinary Affects</cite> +
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