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 <cite>Amelia Urry, The first negative emissions carbon capture plant is up and running</cite></blockquote> <cite>Amelia Urry, The first negative emissions carbon capture plant is up and running</cite></blockquote>
-{{>http://www.flickr.com/photos/foam/34885059841/  ?maxwidth=1000}}\\ +----
- +
-<blockquote>We have nothing in common with the Geometers. No shared experiences, no common culture. Until that changes, we can't communicate with them. Why not? Because language is nothing more than a stream of symbols that are perfectly meaningless until we associate them, in our minds, with meaning; a process of acculturation. Until we share experiences with the Geometers, and thereby begin to develop a shared culture in effect, to merge our culture with theirs we cannot communicate with them, and their efforts to communicate with us will continue to be just as incomprehensible as the gestures they've made so far: throwing the Warden of Heaven out the airlock, dropping a fresh murder victim into a cult site and rodding a volcano. +
-<cite>Neal Stephenson, Anathem</cite></blockquote>+
 +{{ :dust_and_shadow:ds-reader1-18.jpg |}}
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-Dust and Shadow [[reader_1|Reader Vol. 1]]. Previous: [[objects and cairns]]. Next: [[designing bridges]].+Dust and Shadow [[reader_1|Reader Vol. 1]]. Previous: [[ways of listening]]. Next: [[designing bridges]].
 References: [[bibliography]] References: [[bibliography]]
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