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 <​cite>​Amelia Urry, The first negative emissions carbon capture plant is up and running</​cite></​blockquote>​ <​cite>​Amelia Urry, The first negative emissions carbon capture plant is up and running</​cite></​blockquote>​
-{{>​http://​www.flickr.com/​photos/​foam/​34885059841/ ​ ?​maxwidth=1000}}\\ +----
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-<​blockquote>​We have nothing in common with the Geometers. No shared experiences,​ no common culture. Until that changes, we can't communicate with them. Why not? Because language is nothing more than a stream of symbols that are perfectly meaningless until we associate them, in our minds, with meaning; a process of acculturation. Until we share experiences with the Geometers, and thereby begin to develop a shared culture ​in effect, to merge our culture with theirs ​we cannot communicate with them, and their efforts to communicate with us will continue to be just as incomprehensible as the gestures they'​ve made so far: throwing the Warden of Heaven out the airlock, dropping a fresh murder victim into a cult site and rodding a volcano. +
-<​cite>​Neal Stephenson, Anathem</​cite></​blockquote>​+
 +{{ :​dust_and_shadow:​ds-reader1-18.jpg |}}
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-Dust and Shadow [[reader_1|Reader Vol. 1]]. Previous: [[objects and cairns]]. Next: [[designing bridges]].+Dust and Shadow [[reader_1|Reader Vol. 1]]. Previous: [[ways of listening]]. Next: [[designing bridges]].
 References: [[bibliography]] References: [[bibliography]]