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-====Dust & Shadow - Reader ​vol.2====+=====Dust & Shadow - Reader ​#2=====
-The second ​volume of the [[:dust and shadow]] reader[s] (a [[publication]]in the form of a [[:/​commonplace book]]+The second [[:dust and shadow| Dust & Shadow]] readera [[publication]] in the form of a [[:/​commonplace book]] ​(also available in [[https://​fo.am/​documents/​54/​dust__shadow_reader_no.2.pdf|pdf]] format).
 +==== About ====
-(emerging ​from the shadows...)+The Dust & Shadow reader #2 explores attunement as a proposition for engaging with the world, Earth-bound environments and their inhabitants,​ in a continuously changing field of relationships.  
 +Attunement suggests a willingness to be touched by external circumstances,​ to be lured, affected and changed by them. Attuning to another being or situation invokes a particular sensitivity — receptive and curious, careful and attentive. A deliberately hesitant engagement with other entities on their own terms, ​from quivering butterfly wings to earth-shattering volcanoes. A kind of "​ecological intimacy"​.  
 +{{:​dust_and_shadow:​you-are-here.jpg?​330 |}}Engaging with worlds by attuning to their patterns, dissonances and resonances may seem unnecessarily slow or ambiguous when faced with the complex urgency of our timesTrue, attunement may not provide a "way out" of contemporary troubles, but perhaps finding a way out is impossibleInstead, attunement offers a "way in" to deeper and closer connections with life, in all of its nuances and intricacies 
 +Attuning awakens our innate capacity for engaged noticing and responding in kind. Through practices of attunement we may rediscover an ability for subtle responsiveness that lies waiting in a world dominated by opinions, judgements and binary certainties. An entry point into meaningful relationships beyond established modes of communication. Bodies changing posture in response to a punch or an embrace. Languages mimicking their native landscapes. Tuning instruments,​ machines or brainwaves. The small acts of care between a humans and insects, humans and stones, rain and desert. Attunement accepts human interdependence with the planet as a given. It reminds us that a mutualistic or symbiotic state of being in the world is not only possible but already present. 
 +The motley collection of textual and visual excerpts in this reader offers glimpses of attunement from different perspectives,​ including ecological, technological,​ animist, transhumanist,​ artistic, scientific and philosophical points of view. The various perspectives present in the reader suggest a range of different ways of attuning to the wider (and wider-than-humanworld. Some are intimate accounts of personal experiences,​ others present a more theoretical inclination. Some offer imaginative prompts, others concrete exercises. The reader hints at attunement as a way to mitigate the effects of environmental and cultural turbulence. It also invites us to experiment with attunement to reinvigorate our relationships with an uncertain present and unknowable futures. 
 +==== Contents ==== 
 +  * [[giving ourselves over]] by Ron Broglio  
 +  * [[spell of the sensuous]] by David Abram (excerpts)  
 +  * [[involuntary momentum]] by Carla Hustak & Natasha Myers (excerpts) 
 +  * [[haunted landscapes]] by Elaine Gan, Anna Tsing, Heather Swanson & Nils Buband (excerpts) 
 +  * [[rethinking animate]] by Tim Ingold (excerpts) 
 +  * [[magic and machine]] by David Abram (excerpts) 
 +  * [[resilience attunement imagination]] by Daniel Gilfillan 
 +  * [[spectres and stewards]] by Theun Karelse, Maja Kuzmanovic and Nik Gaffney 
 +  * [[paraphotomancy]] by Sam Nightingale 
 +  * [[attuning to plants]] by Robin Wall Kimmerer (excerpts) 
 +  * [[religious experience]] by George Prochnik (excerpts) 
 +  * [[planet centred design]] by Jerneja Rebernak 
 +  * [[great work]] by Paul Kingsnorth (excerpts) 
 +  * [[shinto]] by Thomas P. Kasulis and Karl Schroeder (excerpts) 
 +  * [[aesthetic naturalism]] by Robert S. Corrington (excerpts) and Erika Hanson 
 +  * [[risk of gaia]] by Adam Nocek (excerpts) 
 +  * [[admiration and care]] by Ursula Leguin (excerpts) and FoAM 
 +  * [[on animal faith]] by David L. Clark  
 +  * [[olufsenandi]] by Cat Jones 
 +  * [[inframince]] by Edith Doove 
 +  * [[bee diaspora]] by Anna-Maria Orru & Morten Søndergard 
 +  * [[bees and migrants]] by Kevin McHugh & Scott Warren 
 +  * [[water knife]] by Paolo Baccigalupi (excerpts) 
 +  * [[desert attunement]] by FoAM 
 +  * [[pilgrims rules]] by Václav Cílek (excerpts) 
 +  * [[meditation]] by FoAM 
 +  * [[attune]] by Timothy Morton (excerpts) 
 +==== Bibliography ==== 
 +Sources of quotes and citations can be found on the [[bibliography]] page. 
 +{{>​http://​www.flickr.com/​photos/​foam/​26189606517/​in/​album-72157681429258454 ?​maxwidth=800}} 
 +I have always loved the desert. One sits down on a desert sand dune, sees nothing, hears nothing. Yet through the silence something throbs, and gleams...  
 +<​cite>​Antoine De Saint-Exupery</​cite>​ 
 +==== Colophon ==== 
 +**Dust & Shadow Reader #2** 
 +CC-BY-SA March 02019\\ 
 +Design FoAM (Earth) http://​fo.am\\ 
 +Editors Maja Kuzmanovic, Nik Gaffney, Ron Broglio, Adam Nocek\\ 
 +Supported by ASU, Global Institute of Sustainability