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The two-day Earth Coding workshop explores links between contemporary technology and the Earth in an attempt to define and create a new form of land art. Through a variety of experimental activities, including telluric currents and earth antennas, the workshop aims to find possible answers to questions such as: ‘Can the Earth as a process be tempted to compose software?’. This workshop will include a field trip to a nearby natural terrain.


Masterclass directed by Martin Howse & Nik Gaffney, participants; (tbc. Alonso Vazquez, Vilbjørg Broch, Janneke Raaphorst, Adam Campbell, Claire Williams, Julien Poidevin, Afshin Dehkordi)


  • Monday 23 Feb 2015 11:00-18:00 hrs
  • Tuesday 24 Feb 2015 11:00-18:00 hrs (including a fieldtrip, so please bring warm clothes)

Lunch will be provided at the venue. We will end the workshop on Tuesday evening with an informal dinner (location tbc).


A Lab, Overhoeksplein 2, Amsterdam North.

From Amsterdam Central Station, please take the (free) ferry to Amsterdam Buikslotermeer. You can access the location from the Buiksloterweg > Tolhuisweg > cross the bridge > at the 3D print to the left, walk along to the entrance.

Reference and reading material

Documentation and atmosphereic readings

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