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Evil, or Just Amoral? (or both?)

everyone's favourite, monsanto

Give me convenience or give me death!

the diagnostic approach

“In law, the corporation is a 'person'. But what kind of person is it? Considering the odd legal fiction that deems a corporation a 'person' in the eyes of the law, the feature documentary employees a checklist, based on actual diagnostic criteria of the World Health Organization and DSM IV, the standard tool of psychiatrists and psychologists. What emerges is a disturbing diagnosis. Self-interested, amoral, callous and deceitful, a corporation's operational principles make it anti-social. It breaches social and legal standards to get its way even while it mimics the human qualities of empathy, caring and altruism. It suffers no guilt. Diagnosis: the institutional embodiment of laissez-faire capitalism fully meets the diagnostic criteria of a psychopath.”

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