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During 2005 FoAM planned to publish a dvd with an overview of our activities 2003-2005 with Foton ( The plan never reached completion, so this remains as an historical artifact;

The dvd will include:

  • a 15-20 minute visual overview (no text)
  • documentary video snippets consisting of a selection of FoAM 's long, mid and short term projects realised until march 2005:

long term

  • the T-series, research into responsive environments:
    • TGarden
    • txOom
    • TRG

mid term - yearly projects

  • illumine: ebb and flow of stubborn matter, syncoptic structure, sound modulated light #1, surface dialogue
  • evolve: minutiae
  • nourish: f0amf0od
  • tension: dressware, red-net, tension workshop
  • drift: cocky's kites
  • dynamics: softbomb

short term

  • f0amfr0th events (small performances, installations and seminars in Brussels): )
    • litha
    • interfaces imagined
    • surface tension
    • p~lot
    • closure of the KREV embassy
    • foam at [blanco]
    • vampire ball
    • bombing from within
    • antepodeans at foam
    • inflatable meeting room
  • lunch time lectures; )
    • on borders and edges, with kristina andersen, vali lalioti, alok nandi, sha xin wei
    • audio-cubes, with bert schiettecatte
    • engaging responsive video, with CLUTCH (tom donaldson and tina gonsalves)
    • performance space expression, with sonia cillari
    • topological media, with sha xin wei and harry smoak
    • 4D, with joost rekveld
    • Psychological needs, behaviours and communicative co-existence, with Danica Kuzmanovic
  • .x-med-k. atelier: )
    • mixed reality media worlds
    • responsive environments

in production

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