• what is our mission?
  • what do we want to do with lib?
  • what our strongest point could be, what would make sense?

as a library for projects/visual and tactile/ during each project we use different type of materials, some of them you don't see, or cant be recognized on the pictures. idea - would be to have info. sheets or maps, with pictures of project and materials were used in it (like at Rubens lib. Merkx and Girod, with tech. specifications(just as idea)

as a library for made samples of textile/objects and other things we have been created during workshops, projects or free time. what to do with it, how to store them, is that would be interesting thing to have? think more about it.

  • what kinds of things do you want to have in the library?
    • books,
    • articles,
    • materials,
    • objects,
    • projects(is this lib. has to be only materials, what about projects and details info on material choice.)

(some quick notes-experimental samples, materials and systems, or things we made but never showed, how to document them if they are to big? photos)

  • how can you group materials and information?
  • what groups do we have:
    • information
    • materials
    • objects
    • projects
  • information:
    • catalogues,
    • brochures
    • flyers
    • infor. sheets
    • business cards
    • newsletters
    • books
    • web printouts
  • materials:
    • textiles(lots)
    • metals
    • rubber
    • foam
    • plastics
    • material samples from other libraries, companies(materialconnexion/showtex/others).
    • smart(sma, thermochromic, liquids, electronic integrated)
    • sensors
    • inks
    • foam made samples(in workshops/ projects/ different tests/)
  • objects:
  • objects made during workshops
  • systems-hyperbolic
  • inflatables
  • head screens
  • act…..
  • projects:
  • tgarden
  • txoom
  • trg
  • imr
  • hyper

(not always the information has samples of materials and apposite, how to make sense in all of that?)

  • how library should look like?

(i like the open lib system, such like in Paris or in Amsterdam)

  • should all those groups need to be linked?
  • what would the system be?

(suggestion - KEEP IT SIMPLE!!!!!!!)

  • what about website, do we need to have a website search system?

(good question)

  • how professional we want to be and how much time do we want to spend on those materials
  • as a foam, how do we collect samples.

(project based/ random/ textile-design fairs/asking other companies to help us to get it, as we usually have problems with getting samples as art organisation-suggestion from Ruben)

  • what is our policy on ecological and non ecological materials?
  • what properties of the material is important to catalogue
  • how do you know where to look for a particular category (how will you organise the library spatially),
  • how do you deal with sub-categories (e.g. - you have a category for cotton, but you need a category for red cotton, because there are lots of important red cotton materials)do we need it?
  • do you need to link different groups/categories of information and materials, and if yes, how?
  • what code system is most understandable for you and for the users of the library

(i think the best sample is from 'materia.nl'

  • is it easy to extend the classification, once new categories appear

(might think on extending physical space)

  • maybe it is not good to think in terms of categories at all?
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