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5 Sections

From all material and information foam has, we could divide it in to 5 or 6 sections:

  • 1-Inspirational:

-section where would go all materials: found, made…., all what doesn't have technical information, contact addresses, manufactures. (database is not needed)

  • 2- Catalogues, materials, which comes from one company, who collects and provides already selected collections of material samples.

such like -Showtex, Material Connections (needs to be put in to data base, can be sorted by alphabetical order, do to make cross-reference)

  • 3-Material samples(14 possible material categories)

(cross-reference with 4)

  • 4-Information + doc, related with material samples, or not

(cross-reference with 3)

* 5-Books, catalogues. (can be sorted by alphabetical order, do not make cross-reference)

14 Categories

14 Possible Material Categories for FAOM Library:

  • 1-Wood
  • 2-Metal
  • 3-Rubber
  • 4-Glass
  • 5-Plastic
  • 6-Composites
  • 7-Fabrics
  • 8-Electronics
  • 9-Fixings/Fastenings
  • 10-Processes
  • 11-Yarns
  • 12-Active/Smart M.
  • 13-Adhesives/Glues/
  • 14-Situational (marine equipment catalogues, climbing equipments… act)

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