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September 18th, 2017

Amélie & Michka
  • Unfortunately, Amélie will be giving a French lesson at the time of the call, and Michka will be defending a bio-inspired design project with his designer colleagues in front of a big French client in Paris. We will sadly not be able to attend this call, however…
  • We hope that you all had a great summer. It was great to catch up with those of you who were at the Apero on Saturday.
  • Our FoAM related next steps for the next few months are :
    • A possible move to Lausanne before January, either to become the Biomimicry teaching coordinator at EPFL (plan A, job opening still to be confirmed by the end of September) or to design the first Mars public park (plan B, in negociation).
    • Opportunities for wild hosting-related activities and workshops are opening at thecamp, an innovation center in the South of France. It looks pretty 'innovation cult'-driven, but some people inside seem to be willing to make it a more transformative place than it looks. They said they are willing to offer crazy workshop formats which have not be tried before elsewhere.
      • Maja & Michka are discussing the possibility to test an 'engineer cracking' format to open the mind, senses (and bodies ?) of this rationalist and conservative crew which plays a huge role in maintaining the establishment.
      • They were also quite receptive to Rasa's Kunst in de Keuken format for the summer camps & holiday camps they plan to offer to children.
    • Amélie & Michka are going to offer some more 'creative writing & science' experiences in an event organized by the network of French 'Houses for Science', several university-related structures which train secondary school teachers into teaching pupils scientific methodology and reasoning patterns rather than scientific culture (dinosaurs, volcanoes,, and so on). For the first time, they will gather all their trainers in an ex-sheepfold near Paris, and we will make them write crazy stuff (and try to avoid them to use writing exercises to prepare yet another course, like they did at our last workshop with them).
  • That's it for the main news on our side, enjoy the call, and looking forward to reading your notes !
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