At the core of the Buddhist teaching are the Four Noble Truths

  • The Reality of Suffering (dukkha)
  • The Cause of Suffering (samudaya)
  • The Cessation of Suffering (nirodha)
  • The Path to the Cessation of Suffering (magga, or the Eightfold Path)

Something like…

  • The First Noble Truth with its three aspects is: “There is suffering, dukkha. Dukkha should be understood. Dukkha has been understood.”
  • The Second Noble Truth with its three aspects is: “There is the origin of suffering, which is attachment to desire. Desire should be let go of. Desire has been let go of.”
  • The Third Noble Truth with its three aspects is: ‘There is the cessation of suffering, of dukkha. The cessation of dukkha should be realised. The cessation of dukkha has been realised.’
  • The Fourth Noble Truth, like the first three, has three aspects. The first aspect is: ‘There is the Eightfold Path, the atthangika magga - the way out of suffering.’ It is also called the ariya magga, the Ariyan or Noble Path. The second aspect is: ‘This path should be developed.’ The final insight into arahantship is: ‘This path has been fully developed.’
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