Frankfurt Techtextil symposium and exhibiton

Each second year the International Techtextile symposium and exhibition takes place in Frankfurt on Main. This is one of the biggest International Trade Fair for technical textiles in Europe. The so-called Smart Textiles as Intelligent Clothing with integrated High-Tech Functions are, in the meantime, presented at the Avantex Innovation Forum.

Their focus is on the development of new textile machines and new textile processes. They do not do research in textile design or finishing or clothing technology.

Smart Bra

Since several years the “Institut für Textiltechnik der RWTH Aachen” (ITA) develops production processes, products and testing methods in the field of medical textiles and biomaterials in close interdisciplinary cooperation with engineers, chemists, biologists and medical partners. Currently the research group “Medical Textiles/Biomaterials” at the ITA focuses on the optimisation of a drug release system using degradable nonwoven structures and micro spheres and the development of new textiles and implants with shape memory effect.

Procesing of high conductive yarns for signal tramsmission in smart textiles.

  • Textile Testing and Inovation, LLC / Langmont, USA

Application of shape memory material in medical textiles. The services provided by the company Textile Testing & Innovation, LLC. cover product testing, product development and consulting in reference to further development and application of the PCM-technology.

  • Infineon

Infineon is a leading innovator in the international semiconductor industry. They design, develop, manufacture and market a broad range of semiconductors and complete system solutions targeted at selected industries. Them products serve applications in the wireless and wireline communications, automotive, industrial, computer, security and chip card markets For Techtextil symposium in Francfurt, Infineop presented several applications, such as: Smartcarpet, watch, powered by body heat.

This is company specialised on conductive yarns for textile industry, this product can be used directly in weaving, knitting, braiding doubling and spinning. The possible variations of fabrics by combining colours, diameters and metals with traditional textile materials allow you fantastic and innovative applications in row textile and in fashion industries. As well as producing conductive wires, company coolaborating wiht several textile factories in Switzerland, which producing conductive textile using different technieks for conductive yarn integration in to textiles: kniting, wieving, and act. Jenny fabrics-Ziegelbrucke GL Shweiz-41(0)556173233 “Moser”, Hans Moser + Co.AG, Herzogenbuchsee/ tel. 41629611020, fax. 41629612850 * Taelastic One of the biggest manufacturer of thermo polyurethane film & polyethylene film in Korea acquired NT focus on new. Product-tealastic sheats, tealastic coated fabrics, tealastic embossed sheet, taclean-used in range of aplications, like: footwear's materials, transparency clothing, clothing for cold weather, sporting goods, computer keyboard cove, air-bag for car, umbrella material, conveyor belt, raincoat, substitutes for leather, fire hose, dress. waterproof tape, insulation film for automobile.

  • Gel Concepts is a state-of-the art, Technological Pioneer specializing in Ultra-Low and Low Durometer Thermoplastic Elastomer Compounds, as well as it's newest line of Hydrogel Polymers.

  • Heytex-fabrics are woven and coated using modern technology on there own premises.

  • Porvair specialise in the science, development and manufacture of high-performance waterproof breathable membranes for fabrics and leather

  • Luminova is a class of newly developed phosphorescent (glow-in-the-dark) pigments which are based on Strontium Oxide Aluminate Chemistry

  • Tissavel - company developed a range of fabrics for technical or industrial application. A wide range of velvet fabrics (made in wool, polyamide, acrylic or polyester) is used in the manufacture of paint rollers. Other items like microfibres or antibacterial fibres are used in the manifacture of floor mops and gloves for the cleaning industry.

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