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 ==== Future Fictions Menu ==== ==== Future Fictions Menu ====
-Menu for the reception at the opening of the [[http://www.z33.be/en/projects/future-fictions|Future Fictions exhibition]] at Z33 in Hasselt, Belgium, on the 4th of October 2014. Based on four archetypal [[food_scenarios]]. Recipes used in this menu can be found on [[future_fictions_recipes]].+[[Food Futures]] menu for the reception at the opening Z33'[[http://www.z33.be/en/projects/future-fictions|Future Fictions exhibition]] in Hasselt, Belgium, on the 4th of October 2014. Based on four archetypal [[food_scenarios]]. Recipes used in this menu can be found on [[future_fictions_recipes]].
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 //Blue potato, asparagus//\\ //Blue potato, asparagus//\\
 **Vegetable jello** \\ **Vegetable jello** \\
-//Sweet corn, peas, pepper, agar agar, tabasco//\\+//Sweet corn, peas, pepper//\\
 **Rainbow pasta salad**\\  **Rainbow pasta salad**\\ 
-//Spirelli, food colouring, orange, okra, coriander//\\+//Spirelli, food colouring, orange, okra//\\
 **"Green" tea**\\  **"Green" tea**\\ 
 //Lemongrass, lemon, stevia//\\ //Lemongrass, lemon, stevia//\\
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 ;#; ;#;
 **Wholesome bite**\\ **Wholesome bite**\\
-//Witlof, potatoes, cheese, sprouts//\\+//Witlof, potatoes, cheese//\\
 **Autumn velouté**\\ **Autumn velouté**\\
-// Pumpkin, sweet potato, smoked paprika, oregano, thym//\\+//Pumpkin, sweet potato, smoked paprika//\\
 **Spoonful of fertility**\\ **Spoonful of fertility**\\
-//Grains, seeds, chanterelles, harissa//\\+//Grains, seeds, chanterelles//\\
 **Whole Earth Sandwich**\\ **Whole Earth Sandwich**\\
-//Wholegrain bread, beetroot, celeriac, chickpeas//+//Bread, beetroot, celeriac, chickpeas//
 ;#; ;#;
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 ;#; ;#;
-**Potato-peel chips**\\+**Potato peel chips**\\
 //Potato peel, truffle oil, seaweed//\\ //Potato peel, truffle oil, seaweed//\\
 **Fermented mushrooms**\\ **Fermented mushrooms**\\
 //Button mushrooms, herbs//\\ //Button mushrooms, herbs//\\
 **Smoked fungus juice**\\ **Smoked fungus juice**\\
-//Fermentation liquid, root vegetables, honey//\\+//Fermentation liquid, root vegetables, honey, smoke//\\
 **Mock worms in seaweed salt**\\ **Mock worms in seaweed salt**\\
 //Baby anchovy, seaweed//\\ //Baby anchovy, seaweed//\\
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 ;#; ;#;
 **Fruit elixir**\\ **Fruit elixir**\\
-//Berries, rose petals, chilly, juniper//\\+//Berries, rose petals, chilli, juniper//\\
 **Mock oysters**\\ **Mock oysters**\\
-//Quince, port, orange, spices//\\+//Quince, port, leaves and spices//\\
 **Popping dates**\\ **Popping dates**\\
 //Mazafati dates, tahini, popping sugar//\\ //Mazafati dates, tahini, popping sugar//\\
 **Carrots and violets**\\ **Carrots and violets**\\
-//Purple carrotscandied violets, urban honey, lemon//\\+//Carrots, violets, urban honey//\\
 **Sweet basil teas**\\ **Sweet basil teas**\\
-//Sweet basil seeds, hibiscus, lavender, mallow//\\+//Basil seeds, hibiscus, lavender, mallow//\\
 ;#; ;#;
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