the early beginnings of a collection of ideas, methods, examples and leads to create better prehearsals and prehearsing the future

Role playing is a form of group judgment. It puts a group of people into a future situation and asks them to act the same as those in that situation would. The original role-playing scenarios were the war games conducted by the USA and (probably) the Soviet militaries in the 1950s, simulating the tensions and negotiations leading to a nuclear attack. Today role playing is common in emergency preparedness and for those preparing for dangerous technical missions, such as pilots, astronauts or nuclear operators (see Jarva, 2000) -Peter Bishop, Andy Hines and Terry Collins

Experience design is the design of anything, independent of medium, or across media, with human experience as an explicit outcome, and human engagement as an explicit goal. -Jesse James Garrett

Blog posts about future prehearsal experiments at FoAM

Physical and Alternate Reality Narratives

from conversation with sarah neville:

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