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 ― Mladen Stilinovic ― Mladen Stilinovic
 </blockquote>  </blockquote> 
 +<blockquote>When people say they are bored, often they mean that they don't want to experience the sense of emptiness, which is also an expression of openness and vulnerability. -Chögyam Trungpa </blockquote>
 +<blockquote>Receptivity is not inactivity. It is real activity but not effort in the ordinary sense of the word… It is simply an attitude of waiting for the ultimate mystery. (…) This "active inactivity" is an example of what I think of as "passionate equanimity". Ken reminds me that the Taoists call it "wei wu wei", which literally means "action no action" and which often is translated as "effortless effort". -Treya Wilber </blockquote>
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