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Current sprites

Ideas Reference

General look

  1. Has to be simple, hundreds of frames of different plants in stages of growth/decay needed.
  2. Has to work with an isometric view (but it's all flat planes overlayed with transparency)
  3. Not too hippy, need to move away from games like
  4. Perhaps more monochromatic/schematic is a good approach

botany1.jpg egert-armor-04.jpg istockphoto_2851811-neon-floral-on-velvet.jpg cityandforest_420.jpg peregoy_a_b.jpg

  1. Some nice colour combination and general feel from “Noiseman Sound Insect”

Player character

Thinking of a mandrake, but is the first thought.

male-female_20mandrake.jpg mandrake.jpg mandrake_lg_3.jpg

Perhaps all characters should be plants?

Companion character

Quite taken with the worms idea - who would know more about permaculture than worms? It's possible a “wise old” character or hive mind would work well too.

dark-worm-humor-l.jpg earthmother-birth-goddess-fochtman-kubby.jpg

I really like the style of this:


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