Mixing realities with plants & gardens

Background survey of plants and gardens featuring online & in mixed reality contexts…

  • Spore: creating your own universe: “Spore is your own personal universe. You can create and evolve life, establish tribes, build civilisations, sculpt worlds, and explore the cosmos. Spore is made up of five games, each corresponding to a stage of evolution: Cell, Creature, Tribe, Civilisation, and Space. Each stage presents different challenges and goals.” http://eu.spore.com/home.cfm?lang=en
Social networking
  • Urban Permaculture Guild: “ Urban Permaculture Guild educates and inspires communities and individuals to creatively transform how they live and the urban places where they live. We facilitate artistic and ecologically-oriented placemaking and educational projects that honor the interconnection of human communities and the natural wor” http://www.urbanpermacultureguild.org/

* Folia: Organise, track and share your gardening adventures: http://myfolia.com/

(Media) Artworks
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