What is it?

An entry-level training course in hosting as a craft/practice.


With the emergence of participation society, multistakeholder networks and co-operative organisational models, there is a need for hosts/facilitators who can enable participatory learning and co-creation for diverse groups of people.



The 10 week training covers the basics of hosting including reflection on the host and the participants; preparation, framing, ice-breaking, conversations and formats, synthesis, harvesting, flow and a range of specific techniques/methods. The training happens once a week and lasts for 3-4 hours. Each session includes a theoretical and practical tutorial as well as a series of practical exercises. The course is complemented with an (online) hosting manual. At the end of the course, the participants will be able to independently and effectively design, host and document participatory conversations, such as meetings, workshops, or retreats.

Read about the precursor to this programme here: hosting craft

For whom?

Aspiring hosts and process facilitators as well as (team/community) leaders, managers…


What does the practice/activity need from the hosting community?

  • lab tests and advice sessions while designing the training
  • guest speakers/hosts to contribute to the training
  • a space with appropriate facilities, equipment and refreshments for 1 day a week, 10 weeks during the training course
  • a co-ordinator to take care of communication, payments, follow-up with participants, administration and logistics


Why is this practice/activity relevant for the hosting community? What learning will it bring?

  • an opportunity to share knowledge, skills and experience
  • an opportunity to recruit and train new members
  • as the course would have to be kept up to date with hosting techniques, this would contribute to the learning of the whole community
  • the hosting craft manual can be developed and used by all members of the community in their hosting practice
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