What is it?

A support group to encourage personal and collective reflection through writing.


Hosting conversations usually involves talking. Yet for some people, writing is a preferred mode of sharing their thoughts and insights. Writing can be a useful means for deep personal and societal reflection, as it is a slow and contemplative (sometimes even therapeutic) process - both for the writers and the readers. Honest, open writing about one's life can be experienced as quite vulnerable, resulting in many stories never seeing the light of day. This group is a safe zone in which to share reflective writing in a supportive group, thereby improving one's writing skills and bringing inspiring stories to (public) life.

Maja's writing retreat week 2


The group comes together in reading salons, writing retreats, editorial meetings and informal gatherings. The texts are also shared on a secure server, using online collaboration tools to share texts, techniques, contacts, etc.

For whom?

Aspiring and established (life)writers


What does the practice/activity need from the hosting community?

  • Writers, editors, readers
  • A testing ground / space for gatherings
  • A online space to share texts, techniques, contacts, and possibly write collaboratively


Why is this practice/activity relevant for the hosting community? What learning will it bring?

  • Offering writing as a medium to inspire, connect and enable reflection and contemplation
  • Insights from personal experiences that can be extrapolated to systemic changes
  • Material that can be used for public presentations, framing, etc…
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