The re-Treat is a treat to ourselves, in which we explored our hosting expertise through action and experiment, thus building a treasure chest to draw from for future retreats which we could offer externally. It is a hands-on activity; the meta-level reflection is kept for the evaluation session two weeks later.

When: 16-18 September 2016
Where: Sint Truiden Monastery

Re-treat stewards: Eva DG, Eva P, Kathleen
Participants: Stevie, Michka, Amelie, Maja, Barbara, Ingrid, Eva DG, Eva P, Kathleen

In progress: Draft flow, Practicalities

through the looking glass

More photos on flickr

The images below are a photographic journey through the various sessions over the two days of the re-treat.

looking up

Singing in the church

full moon ritual

Full Moon ritual



the confession letter

Confession letter


Living with dis-ease

treasure hunt spotting

Treasure hunt

singing in the darkness

Candle-lit bibliomancy

end of barefoot walk

Barefoot walk

silent tea

Silent tea


Unmotherhood ritual

grounding in the church


sonic meditation

Sonic Meditation

in the corner


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