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  production for use instead of for gain. 
  principle of householding which consists of catering for one's own household, 
  which has nothing in common either with the motive of gain or with the institution 
  of markets. Its pattern is the closed group: whether the very different entities 
  of the family or the settlement or the manor formed the self-sufficient unit; 
  the principle was invariably the same, namely, that of producing and storing 
  for the satisfaction of the wants of the members of the group. The nature of the 
  institutional nucleus is indifferent: it may be sex as with the patriarchal family,   
  locality as with the village settlement, or political power as with 
  the seigneurial manor. Nor does the internal organization of the group matter. It may 
  be as despotic as the Roman familia or as democratic as the South Slav zadruga; as 
  large as the, great domains of the Carolingian magnates or as small as the average 
  peasant holding of Western Europe.
  human activity cannot be detached from life in order to be stored and mobilised.
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