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Panel: Synaptic Scenarios for Ecological Environments

looking at the role of human psychlogy in narratives around ecology and sustainability at iseas2012

  • Ellen Levy: Entranched views; research shows that facts don't really change people's opinions. What does work is showing how you changed your opinion to others. But what is denial? Neglect patients go to extremes to not start from their opinion by self-delusion. (Visual Pathways) (Inattention Blindness = Gorilla experiment).
  • Angelika Hilbeck: Safe Operating Space for Humanity, shows how far we are beyond safe limits. (Another example of denial). The Rio+20 Nature made a Rio Report Card. It shows we did well the last 20 years; organizing ourselves, tracking the damage to the environment and setting up mitigation systems. 'Can we fit ecology in the economy' is a clear case of disassociation and self denail. These large negotiations are a dead end, with 99% outside asking for action and 1% inside trying to get through the process of negotiation. Peoples Sustainability Manifesto.


  • Alison Hawthorn: HJ Andrews Experimental Forest, long term ecological research; land use, disturbance regimes, climate change. 200 years log decomposition study including poets to visit the site for the 200 years. Denial is healthy to cope with the dangers of daily life, it becomes pathological however when it facilitates destruction. Aristotle's Practical Syllogism, the normative is of great importance here. You can not get there unless you know what you value.
Power of the mainstream media needs to be challenged. Artists can do that. Which metaphors could work for that?
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