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Luminous Green is a workshop about a possible future; about a human world, that is enlightened, imaginative, electrified and most importantly – living in a fertile symbiosis with the planet.

The questions that we will attempt to answer during the workshop in Singapore

What would a luminous green world be like?

How can we help bring such a world into existence?

More on the content of the workshop:

What will help you have the best experience?

  • Participate as much as you can, that way the whole group will benefit.
  • Be mindful of differences in language and culture and help others to join in and understand.
  • Don’t always assume others know acronyms, jargon or slang, or that they will participate at the same speed you do.
  • Listen to, and respect all points of view, even if they are very different than your own (suspend your judgement as best you can)
  • Inquire rather than debate and seek to understand others rather than persuade
  • Question assumptions, especially your own
  • Try taking a different point of view than you are used to, or take a few risks with what you are contributing.
  • Remember to enjoy yourself!
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