Research partner What software projects are you working on for Lirec? Which partners (if any) do you intend to share these projects with? Are your projects already available via online source control, and if so, what is the URL? What language(s) are you using? What IDE do you use to program with? (eg. VisualStudio, emacs, commandline, Eclipse) What are the main dependencies of your project (eg. OpenCV, YARP)
QM Vision System INESC-ID, HW, UH, WRUT No C++ Visual Studio OpenCV, Qt
SISC We are more focused making studies, but occasionally we will make prototypes and mock-ups, e.g. for the actDresses. Not known yet We also have some stuff for the GlowBots ( that we actually need to put somewhere… and we also have some more stuff for Bluetooth on Sourceforge ( Mostly C and C++ MPLab, PicLab, Eclipse, Octave In this case I would say the libraries on
HW WP4, WP8 and WP9, everything UH, WRUT, INESC, QM for now We have a local SVN (on windows) system running in our lab which was used for other project, but we have not contributed anything for LIREC on that as of now. Mostly C++ and Java, we may have some python code too in the future I guess all VisualStudio, emacs, commandline, Eclipse for windows as well as Linux OpenCV, YARP for sure may be some camera related dependencies as well.
INESC-ID We are currently working on the ION framework. We have already developed Fatima and an agent for the iCat robot. All the software projects will be shared possibly with all the technical partners. These software projects are currently not available online. ION and Fatima are Java projects, while the agent for the iCat robot is in C++. We use Eclipse and Netbeans for developing the Java projects and Visual Studio (in particular, the 2005 version) for the C++ for the project. ION and Fatima do not have dependencies with third party software. The agent for the iCat robot is dependent of Phillips OPPR platform.
cnotinfor Little Mozart The source code is closed but we are available to share other informations about the project. Unavailable C++ VisualStudio 2005 Ogre + QT framework [+ OpenAL+Boost C++ + some Cnoti internal libraries]
UH WP4,WP6,WP8,WP9 HW,WRUT. Unavailable C++,Java,Python,URBI Kdevelop,IDLE,Anjuta,CMAKE,A OpenCV,QT,YARP/SAMGAR
WRUT WP3,WP6,WP8,WP9 All the software projects which will be available via our svn server will be accessible to all technical partners. Not yet. We have been working to make them available as soon as possible. The repositories will be available via our svn server: C++, C, Matlab, Mathematica emacs, kate, gdb, INSIGHT, CodeWarrior, Visual Studio, commandline Qt, qwt, wxWidgets, OpenCV, ARToolKit, YARP, XFace, Xenomai
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