WP9 meeting at UH

Things to look into:

Use the ICAT to:

  • Play chess as normal with someone
  • But this time remembers players from previous games

Needs player identification, planned to use RFID for this, but it's turning out not so good due to a limited range. Another possibility is face identification, but there is no current solution for this, or potentially something simple like different coloured hats - the fallback is a wizard of oz (Wizard_of_Oz_experiment) solution.

Needs: Possibly face track from QM

A scenario in the robot house: find and locate a user as a mobile robot, migrate to another place to communicate with a second user (upstairs) in fixed graphical form.

  • Find locate user could use motion tracking, or face finding.

Needs: Possibly face track from QM, ION

  • Greta on a fixed system - use face tracking to make eyes follow user.
  • Mobile robot - move relation to an interaction partner
  • Handheld - demonstrate moving FAtiMA data from one platform to another.

Needs: Face finding from QM, ION and 2D Greta face

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