Notes from a session held at the Luminous Green Retreat, 29th of April 2007

walking to field, stretching, concentrating on breathing, connecting to the air discussion starting with the Japanese idea of synaesthesia 'smell the sound' talking about air rights, who owns the air, architecture and the ownership of the frequency spectrum Yves Klein air architecture, diller & scofidio blur building, inflatables being in the air, the perspective and bird's eye view air as material, used in architecture and the molecular make-up of air the (perhaps misguided) idea that if each country had ownership/responsibity for it's air, global climate change would be solved festival in barcelona on the rooftops, creating spaces for action on different levels in cities, how do rules change at various levels air as movement, patterns of movement, the composition of air divided into regions or localities although invisible we have achieved the dream of flying, how has this changed our relationship to air description of the experience of a glider pilot, feeling for columns of warm air and spiraling up using the column architecture agressively entering the air, like a bar graph indicating economic power the military has three domains, air, sea and ground, but air is the most difficult to control a 'material' that is the definition of ephemeral…

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