Human generated power

Notes from a session held at the Luminous Green Retreat, 29th of April 2007

Joey Berzowska

  • power from radiation, power from the body, power from devices, redesign as power optimization
  • active and passive power generation - how to harness it.
  • XS labs - Montreal - XTRA SOFT LABS….
  • power consumption usage as a tactile interface - montreal science museum stationary bike example - crowd sourcing
  • gym as a power source - human generated power as discomfort and lowe efficieny
  • perverse terms as an approach to the problem?! - grants for power generation costumes
  • heavy shoes - steps
  • photosynthesis - slow process
  • Petomane - french fart artist 19th century, czech it out. Joseph Pujol, the Fartiste
  • ECOLOO - brick system compactor of human waste
  • heat exchange
  • distributed twitches for power harvesting
  • bondageware - perversion, power generation through force - what happens with children if you would force them to run? - piezo electric cells in shoes…
  • nanowires - in the bodies
  • ACOUSTIC DIAPHRAGHM energy capture device
  • METHANE CAPUTRE technology - telephone booths as methane capturing devices - hybrid systems
  • the PHARTBOX - old phone boxes with new use
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