Or how to cut 50% CO2 from 1997 levels and still have a life?

  • we're all dependent on power - you can get used to not having power a few hours a day
  • car free days
  • when you travel you get used to inconvenience
  • fluctuations of the environment part of “nature” not nature (like nature)
  • back-up system
  • everyday practices: cycling, baths, internet/computer, bottled vs tap water
  • economic determination (by state, bottom line $)


  • planned power shutdowns and water breaks in Bangalore, India (physically and emotionally)
  • how do we handle these shifts in our environment?

Cause → Effect

  • creating a direct correlation between our actions and their effect in order to facilitate investment in meaningful change
  • Dirk Fleischmann's 'Empire' project (a field of solar panels)

young people

  • mixed messages, consciousness vs consumption - how to make the link?
  • unclear messages
  • too busy
  • convincing sceptics
  • no fundamental conviction - behaviouralism
  • weatherchanging
  • does recycling work?
  • what is garbage (add lifestyle waste)?
  • eco-digi-art - high consumption form - to express the opposite
  • what is a sustainable bra ('uplifting project')?
  • Ingrid Bachmann: The Institute of Everyday Life
  • city schools / schools without walls / exploding schools (canberra)
  • wizer - recycling
  • Heather Roger's film
  • bamboo
  • environmental economics
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