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Luminous Green Interview with Bartaku

How would you describe who you are and what you do in a few sentences?

A former drummer and social scientist, wanderer traveler, with a fascination for the different manifestations of energy at both macro-and micro level. At this moment pondering about what to do with a former kolchoze in Latvia, an Aronia Melanocarpa (apple berry) plantation, one of the most powerful power plants delivering power juice for body and home made short lasting low power solar cells.

Who and what inspires you in your work & life (people, books, artworks...)? Why?

  • Max Roach (drummer), transporting vibration through observation rather than muscle;
  • David Byrne (musician, designer, visual artist…); creating mood transformers in a 'passe–partout' dress;
  • Eva Hesse (artist); deeply moving;
  • Ben Okri (writer); a closer look at the root of the red corn and your personal daemon pops up;
  • William Turner (painter): paintings as power stations;
  • Dark energy, Light energy; universality, necessity, fullness in absence;
  • Rotation, gravity: the tools;
  • Tram Stop 'Heliotropes': makes your neck rotate towards where most of the light shines;
  • Brain circuitry: universality of electrical energy, and mass manipulation;
  • Photosynthesis, mitochondria: natures power stations/systems;
  • Khipu > andean information system: writing/coding with dyed thread and knots in 3D, until some South-Europeans appeared;
  • BMW-car: for daily challenge, audio and inspiration;
  • Heraclitus, Lao Tzu, Hakim Bey, David Hume: making the above and the below possible.

What does 'resilience' mean for you?

Transformation and guidance of 'heavy input' + and -

Personal resilience is about catching the bird's breath

Social resilience is about personal resilience

Planetary resilience is too big and too small

Which aspects of contemporary culture give you hope for the future

When I hear from an urban beekeeper being passionate about a man with a cat being passionate about his beehive that has two queens. Being happy for having received a pot of urban honey in return for sharing his story.

What would you need from the Luminous Green community and what are you willing to offer?

The right input at the right moment.

The right output at the right moment.

Is there someone whom you would invite to the next Luminous Green and what do you think they would contribute?

Pope Benedict XVI (Joseph Alois Ratzinger) could contribute listening in peace, and return as a newborn luminous green man of god. with enhanced evangelical skills.

How would you explain resilience as a streetwise and cool virtue to a teenager?

… is like surfing onto the next level on air with an eagle, on water with a shark, on the ground with a tiger and on the light with a quasar.

If the European Commission was to create a DG (Directorate General) Resilience to work towards a Luminous Green future, what would be its biggest challenges?

Legitimacy, power and the endless need for recognition of the EU citizen in times when the earths system is out of balance and some part of nature's energy creates an awareness of this.

If you, or someone you know would be a Luminous Green superhero, what abilities would s/he have, what would s/he do?

Tweak the food for mass manipulation of the brain circuitry, to the extend that he would not make himself redundant.

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