below are FoAM's transcripts from flip-charts that were left in the room after the panel and workshop. we're not sure which sessions they belong to. if you know, please add them to the appropriate sessions on luminous_green_notes. THANKS!

ecology commodified - an issue on public level, an emotional issue

  • bringing young and elderly people together & other disciplines (industry…)
  • HCI is performative, communicative, conversation, ecological (but often not)
  • ind, emotion → locality → global (possible projects)
  • map ind. in a web - what can ind. do as a group
  • venues of research open to community
  • electromagnetic spectrum as public space
  • documentation vs. changing

Does the use of media decrease consumption?

  • illegal timber
  • big companies
  • 3d gaming environments for eco-issues & climate change
  • flooding issues even in canada
  • local climate change visioning group
  • radio waves, electromagnetism…
  • don't use technology for the sake of it
  • responsibility to supplement media reports on science
  • engaging art projects
  • dialogue
  • drought in NZ
  • dairy farming causes problems
  • issues around forest - complex
  • storms, pine beetles
  • laser writing with natural space
  • media art is a part of the problem - consumer hype
  • science is too internally focused
  • media art as communication - make graphs come to life
  • creative designers vs. artists
  • personal art and volunteering (in parallel)
  • sincere attempt to talk about using media arts to solve/expose problems
  • challenge conferences: banal level of recycling, challenging carbon footprint
  • use local problems and analyse them
  • can be tactical - tour of finances, travelling around on trucks to villages
  • cut down in conferences - we should go only to the ones we're really committed to
  • avoid consumption attitudes to conferences
  • tantalising new technologies
  • long term vs short term
  • digital visualisation allows a sense of longer time
  • hybrid forms of art
  • agency
  • influence industry through education
  • things are becoming more and more private
  • identity in india = technological growth - positive side → confidence (but…)
  • convergences: technology & identity (political and everyday level)
  • artists don't know how strong they are - artists as pets
  • no travel → telepresence to lower carbon footprint
  • pure mobility vs next door, but military sympathies - artists can change this
  • artists should be aware
  • can a conference affect its outside environment
  • respectful

AAA Club:

  • agency
  • action
  • accountability

share: affects, desire, creed, profit, benefit, pleasure, benevolence, kudos, guilt

artistic practice that creates desire:

  • advertising, desire for consumption vs desire for art (solar panel billboards - self sustaining advertising
  • creating desire through creative people
  • simplicity
  • process rather than plan
  • games break a routine
  • not black depression (don't care cause it's too hard; it's too late anyway)
  • desperate optimism?
  • press it


  • not forcing
  • making action appealing
  • aesthetic interfacing
  • education: life-long learning
  • policy makers/consumers
  • children learn from us
  • re-education
  • simple or too simple?

ethical consumption: forcing points, rather than forcing people - can be done through culture

Game & simulation:

  • HPI (Human Plant interface) → pervasive art/game
  • Location
  • Interactive product labels
  • teach people how to interact with global ecosystems (learning curve…)
  • memory & association
  • ARGs - create competition for education
  • persistence
  • action and accountability in social networking
  • creating desire - in what contexts, what places?
  • visible physical manifestations of action and repercussions
  • world without oil

1st step: imagine… incremental change… saturation (causes boredom & loss of interest, or generates more desire and more interest.

  • bring remoteness back to the world (this is real to me)
  • it's not about how much you say, it's how much people understand you
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