Notes from a session during the luminous green workshop 31st July 2008

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  • if objects could speak for themselves we could/should…
    • be able to make more informed decisions (“truth” made accessible - providing the objects don't lie.)
    • give a voice to the oppressed objects


  • Actor-Network theory as a first mapping in design process…
  • Ethnography as applied/situated research
  • Design Noir methodology. representing the outsider as 'a predictor' of the future


  • Objects that 'tell' stories, or are part of a larger story
    • 'NEWater' in singapore. purified waste water, not so popular, used mainly for cleaning now.
    • French wine sold in USA have labels telling the story of the wine/winery. This is assumed to be tacit knowledge in France.
  • 'Milk Project' some reflection on a networked backstory. Dutch cheese from latvian milk.
  • 'Feral Trade' autonomous exchange network based on social relations and parasitic transport.
  • Hutton
  • Dunne & Ruby
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