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fruit batteries meet photosynthesis

Notes from a session held at the Luminous Green Hands-On Workshop, 2nd of May 2007

Organically Empowered Autonomous Microsystems


  • Definition & limitations
    • Autonomous = not connected to main grid; stand alone; flexible
    • Micro: small scale; or bigger through connecting different small systems
    • Storage: we need to consider if we really do need storage; How does this function in nature?
  • Reflections/Questions
    • Why the world is green? Best for capture red light ⇒ “Flowers are not for us”
  • Understanding plant storage / Photosynthesis
    • Photosynthesis chemical equation: CO2 +H2O+Energy ←→ C6H12O6+O2
    • (oxygen decomposes the core nutrient → carbohydrates (sugar))
    • 2 different processes: in loop (respiration) during the day, and unidirectional at night
    • For growth efficiency plants are divided in different levels: top part = growing from light; lower parts drive e.g. from sugar
    • Conclusion: plants 'store' energy for use at night; in fact the saccharides keep on circulating in the plant contineously.
  • Q: How to measure photosynthesis in real time?
  • BioHacking?, BioMimicry and NanoTechnology?
  • Biohacking is part of Synthetic biology, aiming initially at integrating different areas of research for a more holistic approach of life, but being 'perverted' rather now as it became synthetic, artificial and alienating –> e.g. notion of BioBricks?, components who can be combined as in Lego but playing at an essential level;
  • Ex.: The first photographic biofilm has been developped, using bacteria. Or, the photosynthesis system from algae, bye it, and recombine.A reductionist language is being used, it is presented as fun, whilst it involves elements who could be used for/in a biowar.
  • BioMimicry = using technology for imitating nature
  • NanoTechnology? is about breaking down atoms
    • “Nano is the big thing now” –> e.g.Nanocreams: sold in make-up shops ithout knowing what the consequences are or might be.
    • Grey Goo: refers to a hypothetical end-of-the-world scenario involving molecular nanotechnology in which out-of-control self-replicating robots consume all living matter on Earth while building more of themselves (ecophagy).

Dye sensitized solar cells (DSSC)


  • –> make a hybrid system combining power through dye sensitized solar cells + power through fruit/vegi + copper/zinc
  • Consider what we can do with the limited voltages and amperes we will be dealing with.


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