Notes on pasta making

Notes from a session held at the Luminous Green Retreat, 28th of April 2007

Rasa Alksnyte, Tapio Makela, Hiaz Gmachl, Maja Kuzmanovic

  • feed 30 people with whatever's available, making sure that everyone can eat at least one dish
  • share recipes and preparation methods
  • improvise
  • begin the day with 'doing' things together…
  • maltagliati (aka. badly torn noodles)
  • 'rudolf' pasta sauce with aubergine, capers and smoked/salted reindeer meat
  • broccoli and olive cream with dill and cinnamon
  • pasta fredda - typical summer dish - tomatoes, basil, sundried tomatoes, olive oil and crushed pepper
  • lemon sauce: lemon, olive oil, onions and parmesan
  • steamed fennel, onions and garlic
  • courgette, nuts and cranberry stew with laurel leaves
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