Notes from a session during the luminous green workshop 31st July 2008

(Raewyn Turner–my apologies, I 'm writing this in Feb 09 many months out from Luminous green and I don't have my notes with me for names of the participants)

A prismatic vision is proposed as a a different way of seeing and interpreting reflected surfaces. When there is no light there is no colour.

concepts –language–interpretive structures

Do we have the instruments for a change of focus which needs a change of questions?

eg: orient ourselves in the way of a birdseye view chsnging focus like a camera mapping that makes things visible that weren't visible before

Need a strategy: distance to see the bigger pattern, or closer to see more detail but there is no ultimately correct direction, ie : too far: losing details and too close: losing context

find the focus that lies between atomism and holism.

(to any external materials…)

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