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It has been proven time and time again that working across boundaries of discipline, culture and mindset is one of the most effective ways to find innovative solutions to seemingly intractable problems. It is also clear that with the many issues facing our planet, we will need to bridge worlds of difference in order to find places of similarity and synergy.

With this in mind, think of a time in your life when you worked with others from different backgrounds, disciplines or points of view, and as a result, you made a powerful contribution to the wellbeing of your family, your organisation, your community, or perhaps even the entire planet.

What were the factors that contributed to this outcome?

  • What personal qualities, attitudes, beliefs and values were present in yourself and the other people you worked with?
  • What competencies and skills contributed to this outcome?
  • What resources did you access (tangible and intangible)?
  • What processes helped? Formal and informal?

What works in transdisciplinary collaborations

  • learning to listen
  • get a buy in from members of community
  • seeing yourself reflected in the eyes of different people
  • element of surprise & synchronicity
  • moving between micro and macro
  • uninhibited brainstorming
  • support others
  • support others
  • feeling of safety (safe zones)
  • reassuring structures
  • contribution and initiative contributing to a larger whole
  • @ boundary of = 0 (boundary is an open space)
  • space to disconnect
  • active citizenship
  • site where it happens is important - remember to take walks
  • humour
  • collaborating to achieve larger things
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