Making voodoo objects to fight environmental problems

Notes from a session held at the Luminous Green Retreat, 29th of April 2007

Myriel Milicevic

What if we could influence forces the universe and human behaviours like in Voodoo rituals, by creating special objects and empower them with spells? In relation to environmental issues, what would these objects be like? What would they protect or try to affect? This open session invites people to make such objects from materials that are found on the spot and cast their spells.

  • a straw cross…staying in the convent and felt inspired do fusion of natural magic and christianity..santoria and voodoo is based on this
  • a faith festish…a bouquet that represents that everthing will be ok..
  • a rune rock…sympbol came to her..not sure meaning…scratched it on the rock and locked it up later it meant: inqwaz: harmony, togetherness, peace, wholesome sexuality and fertility

after all the intellectual talking, discussing and brainstorming, I needed to create something - with my bare hands and my senses. A little sacrifice of different smells, lemon, tea, banana, coal and crumbled fire starting cubes…

sailing across the ocean, it will attract fish food corporations, believing there are big swarms of fish to catch. really, there is only this little boat with fierce fish below, who scare away the other fish. like this they will be saved.

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